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Welcome to Inmobiliaria Vista Alegre, the agent of your desired property.

We offer, in addition to a professional advice in selecting your dream property, a comprehensive, professional and your personal needs and desire service tailored around the settlement.
All paperwork and government programs apply to us for consultation is assumed and need to be agreed individually.
As a modern company, we offer you the possibility to contact us also in advance by email or telephone without any obligation.
Good advice costs nothing for us. We like to advise and inform you.
Benefit from our years of experience in real estate in La Palma. (Since 1995)
Our real estate agency is established in the Canary Islands and we are of course a member of the European Real Estate Association AEGAI
(Asociación Europea de Gestores y Administradores Immobiliarios)
On our website we will inform you in a compact and intelligible form of the expiration of a real estate acquisition on La Palma.

We gladly present our services and offer you a selection of objects corresponding to your wishes with photos and description.
If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation!

mail: franzew@gmail.com

Our real estate agency offers the full service you are looking for

- We provide real estate and property of any kind,
- We advise on the purchase and sale,
- We handle pre-contracts,
- We are assisting in the preparation of notary documents, certificates and acts,
- We take care of the land and real estate registration up to the cadastre procedures,
- We provide reliable contractors
- We meet all your needs around your property
This also applies to objects that are not purchased from us.

Notes to the offer list

Our product list includes:
- Land with buildings
- land with a building permission
- Land for which a planning application is in process,
- Land located in a building area
- Commercial Real Estate
- Rural Land.

In the case of a new construction or if you want to rebuild or restore an existing building, we gladly assist you
Scale of fees

- Transaction when buying property: 3% of purchase price, but at least 1,800 €
- New declarations e.g. for buildings: to be agreed individually
- Land or real estate registration or changes: First description 180 €, 60 € for each additional transfer
- Purchase mediation: 3% of purchase price, but at least 1,800 € (for purchase mediation with settlement, only once 3% for the buyer)
- Obtain the N.I.E. or NIF: 60 € (Is required for contracts in Spain)
- Leasing (payable by the tenant): 1 month rent
For other activities and settlements, depending on the fees as agreed upon

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Additional costs when buying property

The additional costs for the purchase of real estate (notary fees, land transfer tax, land registry, Cadastre, brokers etc.) are to be estimated with about 10 to 12% of the purchase price and must be expected in addition to the purchase price.

Terms and Conditions

The applicable scale of fees is effective. In the broker's commission, the entire service is included, from the exchange on the settlement of forward contracts, notarial certificates, to land registration.
Cadastral paper work needs great effort (See Fees) and must be purchased extra.
Upon request, a preliminary estimate of total costs will be created.
Our offers and communications are intended solely for the addressee and not be made available to third parties. Disclosures to third parties without written approval are permitted by us. Violations constitute a liability for damages in the amount of Buyer and seller's commission.
Is an object of our offer already known the recipient, he is obliged to inform us in writing within 5 (five) days.
The descriptions of the properties are generally based on information and documents of owners, sellers or intermediate brokers. They may deviate from reality. Because of the large scale supply, a detailed review and a processing performed by the notary can only performed if there is a serious buying interest. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We wish you a pleasant property search on the beautiful island of La Palma.
We are at your disposal for further questions at any time.

Your Vista Alegre Team

Franz Wilhelmi

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